We want to overturn the idea of a Fashion Supply Chain that is subject to an unbridled and depersonalized market.

Here is our mission. Regardless of changes in companies and turnovers, or the evolution of global markets, we will always maintain our profound ARTISAN CULTURE.

In fact, we believe that structured artisan realities, typical of Italian industrial districts, can be a qualitatively superior alternative to delocalized multinationals, both in terms of product, and of ecological and social compliance.

Always meticulous in responding to the needs of partners, we are also capable of an empathic and human relationship.

We are Yarn Consultants, fast and professional in the research and development of CUSTOM-MADE products, as well as in the fulfilment of orders.

In our opinion, QUALITY is what the client gets out of a product: our customer service is the entire company.

Our SPECIALIZATION is the result of decades of experience, thanks to which we are able to provide a very wide catalogue without being generalists: we are specialized in having everything, because we provide an in-depth service on any type of request and order size.

We imagine ourselves as a daily and safe presence in the lives of high fashion buyers as well as in that of small and large embroiderers, a safe and good habit for the purchase of embroidery threads and technical backings.

We take CARE of personal relationships, we love a job that is well done, we can guarantee punctuality, and our drive is always to innovate: this is what a profound Italian artisan culture means.

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