Our business has expanded to the production of labels, for which we always use quality materials, a wide range of labeling tapes, and thermal transfer foils, whether it is high-durability labels or labels for children's clothing. Our labels guarantee certified quality products for each application.


Is there a regulatory reference on the labeling of clothing?

Yes, there is the EU Regulation n. 1007/2011 of the European Parliament and Council (27 September 2011) which entered into force on 8 May 2012. This regulation is concerning the official names of textile fibers, the fibrous composition, the methods of labeling, the language chosen by each EU member country.

Are the indications of the composition of the garment’s mandatory?

Yes, they are mandatory and must be expressed as a percentage and in descending order.

Are material abbreviations allowed on labels?

No, fiber abbreviations are NOT allowed and incorrect translations are punishable.

How many languages should the label be translated into?

The information must be translated into the language of the country where the garment is placed on the market.

Is information relating to identity / company name and address mandatory?

Yes, you need the full company name and the address of the manufacturer or distributor or importer.

Is the wording of "Made in .." mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory.

Can I put my brand on the label?

Yes, but it is not mandatory.

Can I enter other information?

Yes, they are optional and information such as article code, sizes, lot, bar code, etc. can be entered.

Is the information regarding the washing of the garment mandatory?

Yes, they must be indicated with the washing symbols in sequence (washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, professional cleaning). For some countries, depending on the local regulations, in addition to the washing symbols, descriptive maintenance instructions may also be mandatory.

In the event of a missing or non-compliant label, can I incur any sanctions?

Yes, in Italy there are administrative penalties ranging from € 102 to € 40,000 depending on the violations.

Is there a regulatory reference that defines the penalties for incorrect labeling?

Yes, the penalties for irregular labeling in Italy refer to DLas N100 of 15/11/2017

What are the control bodies?

For Italy, the control bodies are the Chambers of Commerce, the Municipal Police, Italian finance police and the Carabinieri.

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